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Even in the middle of a storm our 24/7 emergency response team is standing by to help bail you out. From immediate patches to long term fixes we're here to help.


When water is pouring into your home you don't have time to wait. At Affordable JC Roofing we're experts in stopping leaks and repairing storm damage and we get it done fast.

When water is flowing we can help

Experience makes the difference

We work with all kinds of roofing materials and styles every single day so when push comes to shove we have the skills and tools to fix a leak right away. Don't go climbing on your roof in a storm, we've got the equipment to do the job safely.

 •  Leaks patched

 •  Long term fixes

 •  Storm damage

 •  Wind damage

 •  All styles of roof fixed

 •  Experienced repair crews

 •  Fully licensed and insured

 •  24/7 availability

Call now and we'll be on our way in no time:  530-680-9471

Emergency response services

Roofing Worker holding roof tiles