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Too often people don't know that something is wrong with their roof until they spring multiple leaks or the whole thing collapses.


Routine inspections can catch problems in their early stages, while they are still easy to fix. Don't let your roof become a full blown disaster, call today.

Take control of your costs

Look before you buy

Housing inspections are important when buying a home, but your normal inspector won't be climbing onto the roof to look for softness or peeling shingles. With a call to Affordable JC Roofing you'll be able to find out exactly what you're looking at buying.

 •  Same day inspections

 •  Real estate inspections

 •  Repair estimates

 •  Real estate escrow available

 •  Rapid turnaround time

 •  Experts in all standard roofing materials

 •  Same day repairs available

 •  Competitive rates

Don't buy blind, call Affordable JC Roofing today:  530-680-9471

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